The Mair family smoulders in memories

The first steps of Hohenwart

One of the first who knew how to react to this new era was Mr. Mair sen. He built the first bed & breakfast place in "Schönna", as our village was called then. During the following 66 years, much has changed... but one thing remains the same: the joy of our profession.


  • 1956 – Construction started! The foundations were dug out by hand.
  • 1957 – On 20th August, the first guests arrived: the family of Dr. Walter from Heinsberg. "Hohenwart" proudly offered 18 beds, 1 toilet and 1 shower for the entire floor. The price for bed & breakfast was the pathetic sum of 800 Italian Lira per person.

  • 1958  We received inquiries en masse. It was necessary to convert the attic in order to increase the number of beds to 26. A walnut tree was planted and the rest of the garden created. Mr. Mair sen. was still single – and in fact, found his place behind the coffee machine, as a waiter, caretaker… and if necessary, also as a chambermaid.

Hotel Schenna 4 stars in the 50s
Guests at Hotel Schenna 4 stars in the 50s


  • 1960 – He got married to Anna Hölzl from the Schennerhof. After the wedding, they also began to offer half board.
  • 1961 – Christine was born.
  • 1962 – As Mrs. Mair sen. was trained as a confectioner in Munich, a coffee shop was opened. The garage was converted, including a little room at the back. This was the only building that survived the coming construction-friendly years. Just because it was always such a cosy place!
  • 1964 – A son arrived: Seppl was born. Hohenwart and Starkenberg jointly built the first outdoor swimming pool in Schenna. Land was bought for the building of the "Traube".
  • 1965 – Two months later, the construction began.
  • 1966 – In March (the season started to get longer), the first guests move into the "Traube".
  • 1967 – All good things come in threes: Hanni arrived!
Schenna Street in the 50s
Double room in the 50s


1970 – You have to move with the times! The main part of the hotel was renovated and all the rooms now included a shower or bath. This closed the chapter on the endless line of people queuing up for the shower each morning. The famous red "occupied" light was no longer needed.

1971 – Improvement to the garage and building of an indoor swimming pool.

1972 – Tournaments began at the tennis courts.

1977 – The rooms at the House "Traube" underwent some beauty treatment. Another plot of land was bought for the extension to the main part of the hotel. Hohenwart received a new driveway and a chapel.

1978 – The main hotel was being extended. In August 1979, the first guests moved in. The new coffee shop was opened in July.

Winter in Schenna in the 50s
Host in the 50s


  • 1980 – The apartments "Bachmair" were built.
  • 1981 – The newly opened apartments "Bachmair" extended our range of facilities. The holiday apartments were built in the usual large-scale style of the Hohenwart and highest expectations were met. From a family with kids, to couples who love their privacy: the apartment house "Bachmair" is much loved by our guests.
  • 1984 – Renovation of the House "Traube". Some rooms received a modern outfit. The swimming pool and sauna areas were extended.
  • 1986 – Guesthouse "Schönblick" was added to our collection.
  • 1987 – The newly acquired hotel was revamped from top to toe. In July, the demolition work started. The oldest part of the house was totally demolished and received a cellar area. The newer part, however, was renovated from inside out. The hotel was re-named into "House Christine". A hot tip for anyone who is looking for a relaxing holiday.
  • 1988 – On 16th of July, the first guests arrived at the House "Christine". In the usual Hohenwart style, the new hotel offered comfort and a familiar atmosphere. During the winter of 1989, the last bits and pieces were added, the comfortable parlor furnished and the garage completed.
  • 1989 – The Hohenwart family starts to extend! Christine married Martin. During the winter months, the tennis courts were enlarged and received a new cover.
Wellness Hotel Schenna bird's eye view
Mr. Mair Franz Senior with his wife


  • 1990 – No winter without some building work!! The dining room was refurnished and the toilets beside the coffee shop were replaced by new ones.
  • 1991 – In March 1991, the first grandchild arrived: Maximilian. Mr. and Mrs. Mair sen. built a retirement home for themselves just above the House Christine.
  • 1992 – Just in time for Easter, the parents moved into their new domicile "Mair im Turm". During the winter, the old dining room was transformed into a multi-functional conference room.
  • 1993 – On 14th of November, the diggers arrived again. Half of the "Traube" was demolished and replaced by 17 new rooms, as well as the "Turmsuite".
  • 1994 – The rooms on the 4th and 5th floor received some beauty treatment. On 26th of November, there was another wedding at Hotel Hohenwart. Together with his wife Gerti, Sepp moved into the apartment above the conference room.
  • 1995 – On 31st of March, the House Christine was changed forever! A very lively newborn Maria-Elisabeth saw the light of day for the first time. The 20th of November was the start of a very turbulent winter. The building work started on our adventure indoor swimming pool area and the exclusive sauna world.
  • 1996 – On 4th of January, the last Christmas holidaymakers went back home and the old House "Traube" was demolished. Seven new rooms were built (type "Labers" and "Laugenspitz"), as well as our Spa Temple called "The Land of Smiles", which was incorporated into the House Traube. After a record construction time, our swimming pool area was opened on 29th of March and at Easter, all rooms were rented out. The 17th of October marked the arrival date for grandchild no. 3: Son and heir Franz is born.
  • 1997 – The greatest festival ever! On 20th of August, 40 balloons were released into the summer evening sky, symbolizing 40 years of service to our guests, who enjoyed relaxing, joie-de-vivre far away from the pressures of everyday life. Among the numerous regular guests and guests of honor were also our very first guests, who stayed with us in August 1957. Their presence represented the special nature of Hohenwart: the feeling of belonging to a large family and to being at home.
  • 1998 – During the month of January, the rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Main House were renovated.
  • 1999 – Again in January: the old dining room made way for a large breakfast buffet area. Two wall-paneled lounges create a homely atmosphere. In addition, the terrace was enlarged and a second walnut tree was planted. The apartments "Bachmair" underwent some renovation. On 24th of April, Thomas completed the shamrock of grandchildren.
Hotel Hohenwart Conversion
Mr. Mair Franz Senior's children


  • 2000 – Our maitre-de-cuisine, Markus Marmsoler, finally received HIS new kitchen and can keep his promise to hold cookery courses for our guests.
  • 2001 – Our grown-up guests welcome the underground connecting tunnel to the "House Christine" and our little guests love the new playroom. In November, we acquired the mountain farmhouse "Gsteier", which is situated at an altitude of 1.400 m above sea level. It came with "guests and biological farming". Over the following months, the "Gsteier" developed into a popular destination for our guests.
  • 2002 – The outdoor swimming pool was lined with slate and quartzite natural stones and also includes a new heating facility. From now on it is possible to dive into the heated waters as early as April.
  • 2003 – The connecting tunnel to House Christine now also houses our new fitness area Well & Fit with innovative cardio equipment and the latest power machines. Hotel Hohenwart is always at the pulse of time! The terrace was revamped. Most important task: to replace the old walnut tree with a new one.
  • 2004 – News for 2004: "World of Dream"‘ – to relax as you have never done before! The Asia Room – for Shiatsu, Thai yoga, and La Stone therapy. "Happy Hair" – our in-house hairdressers.
  • 2005 – A new two-level underground garage with 56 parking lots was built. In addition, we also created a large-scale foyer and an exquisite reception area. The open fire lounge, the bar, and the rondell were renovated.
  • 2006 – A new lounge (the "Gamsstube"), a winebar and a new buffet area extended our gastronomic array of choice.
  • 2007 – On 20th of August, we celebrated 50 years of Hohenwart. Everyone enjoyed the days and hours of happy reunions, holidays in a symbiosis of looking back and looking ahead. Among the numerous regular guests and guests of honor, once again our very first guests from August 1957 joined us. Their presence is a tribute to Hohenwart’s strength: giving you the feeling of being part of a large family and being right at home!
  • 2008 – Five new "Rosen Suites" (about 750 ft²) were added to what House Christine has to offer. These are ideal for families or "snorers". The "Etschtal" rooms in the Main House, underwent some renovations. The views from the new suite on the 4th floor are simply stunning! The kids at House Christine can look forward to the new "Games Saloon" with PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Calcetto and table-tennis, as well as Flocky’s Kinderwelt.
  • 2009 – The 3rd floor of the Main House was renovated. The apartments "Bachmair" also had a facelift: the new holiday apartment "Tirol" (750 ft²)… and apartment Küchelberg underwent some transformation.
The reception area at Hotel Hohenwart
Our cosy "Stuben"


  • 2010 – All remaining rooms of the Main House were renovated. The five apartments of House Bachmair received a facelift.
  • 2011 – On 15th of May, our "VistaSpa" with 13,000 ft² opened its doors. A quiet Wellness oasis on three levels, with lots of light and panoramic views. Besides several types of saunas, steam baths, treatments rooms and creatively designed quiet areas, there is also a roof terrace with a large open-air saltwater pool, a panorama sauna and an open-air private Spa. For long-distance swimmers, we offer a new 82 ft outdoor pool.
  • 2012 – Our dining room gets a lifting and throughout the hotel complex WLAN is installed.
  • 2013 – Some of the rooms in the house Christine are newly renovated and called Type Arnika and Edelweiß.
  • 2014 – Our dining rooms "grew" – a comfortable “Urbanstube”. The guest toilets in the entrance hall will be expanded and get a new sheen.
  • 2015 – The double rooms in the house Traube on the 1st and the 2nd floor get a new outfit. And the bathrooms are completely redesigned.
  • 2016 – On the floor of the former "Land of Smile" in the House Traube arise 2 generous Hohenwart Suites and 5 deluxe double rooms Trauttmansdorff with a top view of the valley. At the House Christine the entire facade is redesigned and the balconies are larger. New rooms are added: 2 Enzian Suites with a fantastic location, as well as double rooms of type Arnika and Edelweiß.
  • 2017 – Hohenwart's 60th birthday! Throughout the year 2017 we celebrate the big "60" with many promotions and offers.
    The rooms of the Labers type get a modern air conditioning system, for pleasant coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. We are particularly proud of the renovation of our restaurant: the entrance hall elegant, the main room in noble colors. Glass fronts to the ground let a lot of light come in and give a free view to the valley of Meran. Through the new covered terrace, we can serve breakfast outside already in April and the dinner independently from the weather. In the "rondell" and at the bar, you will find a "chill" atmosphere for afternoon coffee, a cocktail or a glass of wine. The "icing on the cake" will be our new lookout platform in the garden for the aperitif, for a romantic drink for two ...
  • 2018 – Remodeling indoor pool and children's playroom.The rebuilding and extension of the indoor pool is completed after only nine weeks of construction. In addition to a steam room and a Finnish sauna, guests will also find an infrared cabin, which will provide pure relaxation with their warming rays. In addition, comfortable loungers and private areas promise cozy hours in the usual feel-good atmosphere. An ideal place for ratcheting and planning together for the next holidays, the new lounge area with fresh juices, healthy teas, and delicious snacks. The younger guests can look forward to water fun in the paddling pool and varied hours of play in the newly designed playroom.
  • 2019 – The teamhouse is enlarged, after all, our many long-serving staff members are also part of the Hohenwart family and should feel at home here. On 2nd of October, Mr. Mair sen. passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his loved ones after a full life at the age of 89. Franz Mair sen. built more than just a hotel, he created a home for his family, his guests, his friends. "I have often been lucky in life," Franz Mair sen. liked to say. But he has also brought happiness to the people around him. This happiness will always remain in our midst.
Swimming pool on the roof
Relaxation room in the hotel


2020 – There's a new sunbathing lawn in front of the House Christine – which means there's even more space to enjoy & relax at Hohenwart!

2021 – The panorama platform on the Hohenwart terrace is renewed – the dreamlike view remains! Furthermore, the Hohenwart kitchen is expanded.

2022 – The rooms on the 3rd floor in House Traube are renovated – there are 5 double rooms Deluxe "Texelspitz" and 4 new double rooms Deluxe "Laugenspitz". The rooms delight in warm berry tones, are particularly generously furnished & have an innovative climate ceiling for temperature regulation. The view over the picturesque mountain landscape: dreamlike!

2023 – The second part of the staff house is renovated. The fireplace hall and the reception in the Main House get a new coat.

Double room with pink flair
Sofa lounge in pink flair

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