Couple hiking with a view of Merano

Every step is a step forward, every breath a relaxation exercise and every view an insight. Hiking is also wellness.

Couple walks across a bridge
Hiking trail with a small stream on the side

Welcome to the land of hiking – welcome to Meran and Environs

A mountain climber’s or valley explorer’s dream! The nature around Schenna is calling out to be discovered – can you hear it? Simply pack your bags and get ready for a real adventure. On top of the mountains or along one of the ’Waalweg’ (ancient irrigation channel) trails. To the next mountain hut for a delicious lunch or simply through the forest and across meadows. With or without a hiking guide. In Meran and Environs, you can hike in every direction under the sun. We’re not joking! It is surrounded by many hills and mountains, all of which offer hikes for every imaginable difficulty level!

Couple hikes high altitude
Couple hiking on Waalweg
Couple sitting comfortably on the floor with a view of mountains

Hotel Hohenwart’s hiking service

  • Weekly guided hikes
  • Hiking shuttle three times a week
  • Hire what you need directly from us: hiking rucksacks, hiking poles, water bottles, hiking maps and reading material
  • Shoe dryer for your hiking boots
  • Great insider tips for personalised hikes from our staff
  • For private summit and glacier tours, we can gladly arrange an experienced mountain guide for you (for a fee)

Stunning views with exquisite food

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