Couple eating at the table and drinking wine at Hotel Hohenwart Schenna

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed. That’s why the Hohenwart is full of moments of pleasure: in terms of cuisine – and otherwise.

Couple toasting with wine glasses at dinner at Genuss Hotel Schenna
Waiter brings two plates with one arm at Genuss Hotel Schenna

Moments to savour at the Hotel Hohenwart

We all want to forget our everyday life on holiday. Enjoy every moment. Savour every second. Literally. In our traditional Tyrolean “Stuben”, the modern dining room or on the panoramic terrace, you can sit back, let your thoughts flow freely and, in between, enjoy each bite of your meal. Time will melt in your mouth because eating at the Hohenwart is an experience in itself. And this experience is all for you!

Man eating dessert at Genuss Hotel Schenna
Couple enjoys time at the dining table at Genuss Hotel Schenna
Sit back and let us serve you. It’s what you deserve!

Goodness on your plate and in your glass, all day long

Do you also look forward to every meal? To a good breakfast – especially on holiday. To your afternoon snack (busy days require refuelling, right?). And to the gourmet dinner, which majestically finishes off your day. The Hohenwart’s committed kitchen team is always tinkering away to create dishes to meet or – better yet – exceed expectations. We’ve always got something new and something excellent on offer – guaranteed. Your food will be served by the service team  and, of course, accompanied by the perfect wines to match!

Dream holidays also for small families

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