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A family holiday at Hotel Hohenwart offers – yup, you guessed it – something for everyone: a place to be together and enjoy time together.

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The best way to spend time is with your loved ones on holiday

Little holidaymakers and their parents will feel they are in the best hands at the Hohenwart wellness hotel. It’s hard to know what’s more attractive: the surrounding area and its exciting activities like hiking, cycling, the petting zoo, horse riding classes and Ötzi the Iceman, or the hotel itself. The Hohenwart comes with a colourful, kid-friendly holiday offer! Just keep scrolling.


By the way: All year round, the Family Advantage Weeks entice with special prices for stays of 7 days or more, and in summer (07.07.-06.09.2024) the supervised children's programme delights kids from the age of 4 every Sunday to Friday from 3 PM to 6.30 PM and from 7.30 PM to 10 PM

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From relaxing moments in the Family Spa to playing games

Splash around in the kids’ pool or sweat it out in the family sauna. Play on the trampoline, mini high rope course or bird nest swing at the playground. Make new friends in the playroom and youth room or get competitive playing pool, darts or table tennis with other families. Many of our rooms and suites can be set up to accommodate children and families. Adventure is everywhere at the Hohenwart family hotel, for kids, adults and teenagers alike!

Proves experience trail

  • Duration: 4:00 h
  • Distance: 12 km
  • Height meter ↗: 530 m
  • Height meter ↘: 530 m
  • Highest point: 1736 m
  • Difficulty: Moderate

We start our tour at the car park "Castrin Pass".

This walking tour is a pleasant hike along a language and culture border and impresses with a variety of landscapes and flora. The marker no. 8 "Malga Castrin / Hofmahd" leads us uphill in the northern direction. After hiking for a few minutes through the forest, we arrive at the shieling "Hofmahd" which is surrounded by a riot of orchids and Alpine flowers. From there, the path no. 133 turns left and we walk uphill until we get to the forest. Soon, the shieling "Malghetto di Cloz / Obere Alm" follows.

We stay on the path no. 133 which passes through the larch and pine forest to Malga Kessel. This shieling is located in a cirque that is formed by Mount Cima Belmonte (Schöngrub), Vedetta Alta (Hochwart) and Mount Ometto (Mandelspitz). At this point, the path to Proves and path to Val d'Ultimo cross. We walk the forest path downhill until we reach the shieling "Lower Malga Kessel / Untere Kesselalm". From there we follow our loop trail to the "Malga Revò / Rawaner Alm" and the "Malga Cloz / Clazner Alm".

These two shielings belong to the Italian communities in the Val di Non-Valley and differ totally from the shielings of the German-speaking communities. You'll notice that not only the shielings but also the architectural style (stonewalls vs. timber construction) differ a lot.

A pleasant hiking trail leads us back to the car park.

Path of adventure "Vorbichl" in Prissiano

  • Duration: 1:30 h
  • Distance: 2 km loop
  • Height meter ↗: 100 m
  • Height meter ↘: 100 m
  • Highest point: 616 m
  • Difficulty: Easy

This trail is ideal for children and adults. To reach the path of adventure "Vorbichl" you walk about 15 minutes starting from the public parking area in Prissiano by following the indication "Vorbichl". You'll find plenty of adventure stations (like a wood rolling slide or a wooden sound box) and information panels about nature, geology, and history on the way. 

International path of artwork in felt

  • Duration: 1:15 h
  • Distance: 5.7 km
  • Height meter ↗: 180 m
  • Height meter ↘: 180 m
  • Highest point: 670 m
  • Difficulty: Easy

The "International path of artworks in felt" is a themed hike that deftly balances pristine landscape, culture and tradition. The starting point of the walk is the church in the center of Tesimo. Turn left at the trail sign "Frankenberg" (the first indication of the "International path of artworks in felt") and continue till the Hotel Burggräfler. There, the hike starts. The path is a loop hike and brings you directly back to the starting point. You'll find 24 artworks in felt along the track. 24 artists from 7 countries processed the wool of local sheep and created objects in felt according to the different themes. Over centuries, the "Vorbichl" served as pasture for the sheep. The "International path of artworks in felt", which shows felt, nature and art, is supposed to catch the attention of both locals and tourists and to inform them about the sheep farming and the related wool production. The artists show the manifold shapes the felt can adopt by presenting pictures, reliefs and sculptures in an illustrative way. King Laurin's rose garden, embedded in the mixed forest of Vorbichl, is guarded by the tree spirits and the weather witch. Likewise, you'll meet Hansel and Gretel or an immense number of fish, a capricorn and fantasy birds.

Chestnut experience trail

  • Duration: 2:00 h
  • Distance: 2 km
  • Height meter ↗: 80 m
  • Height meter ↘: 80 m
  • Difficulty: Easy

There are various stations along the "Chestnut experience trail" where visitors can learn plenty about chestnuts. The "Chestnut experience trail" is especially recommended for families and those who like a gentle walk. The trail is a true experience all year round.

The trail begins in the little village Foiana above Lana. From the car park, we'll walk along the Probst-Wieser-trail until we reach the wayside cross where we'll turn right. We'll follow the signs past the Weinreichhof farm to start the "Chestnut experience trail". At the starting point of the trail, you'll see a spiky chestnut of the size of a person, which advertises the "Chestnut experience trail".

The trail is designed to be easy and interesting for young and old. 10 stations, some of them interactive, await visitors on a hike through the chestnut trees where it is all about the precious fruit.

Please note: The trail is highly recommended in autumn, but it's a pleasant walk also in spring and in summer.

The nature & adventure path in Marling

  • Duration: 2:00 h
  • Distance: 6 km
  • Height meter ↗: 214 m
  • Height meter ↘: 214 m
  • Highest point: 1416 m
  • Difficulty: Easy

The nature and adventure trail offers young and old visitors many opportunities for recreation and relaxation. The loop trail covers two main nature and adventure worlds: playful and sporty exercise with relaxation and rest zones, adventure rope courses, stations in the forest, wood, nature and adventure worlds and a forest auditorium for creative "forest artists". The adventure trail can be reached from the village centre in the direction of the Waalweg, following the signs for the "squirrel", in about 20 minutes. The entrance is at the car park above the Waldschenke inn on the Marlinger Waalweg. The loop trail of approx. 1 km is equipped with 23 nature and adventure stations and is easy to walk for the whole family. As it is freely accessible in open terrain, you walk it at your own risk!

Urlesteig - the natural trail in Sarentino Valley

  • Duration: 4:30 h
  • Distance: 13.3 km
  • Height meter ↗: 100 m
  • Height meter ↘: 560 m
  • Highest point: 2130 m
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Experience the outdoors with all your senses on an excursion for the entire family! Fun, games and adventure are guaranteed! The Urlesteig trail gets its name from the "Urlelockn" ponds, the geological heart of South Tyrol. Six themed areas are laid out along the trail: water, animals, history & culture, plants, forces of nature and Alpine pasture.

The starting point of the Urlesteig path is easily reached with the cableway valley station Reinswald. A hike on the Urlesteig path is an experience for the whole family. The children can hunt, scramble, climb on the giant dragonfly, sail across the pond on the raft and search for the right way in the mountain pine labyrinth. Listening to the shepherds or getting to know the legend of the Urlelockn is as thrilling as discovering the many interesting facts about the flora and fauna along the way.

The Urlesteig path has been enhanced by a new attraction: along the way from the Getrum Alp towards the Reinswald mills, there is the opportunity to see and observe the forces of nature.
The Urlesteig path passes the Reinswald pastures. The Alpine huts along the way offer hearty snacks and refreshments.

Forest Adventure Trail Riolagundo / Aschbach

  • Duration: 2:00 h
  • Distance: 6 km
  • Height meter ↗: 214 m
  • Height meter ↘: 214 m
  • Highest point: 1416 m
  • Difficulty: Easy

This fun outdoor adventure for children and the whole family is offering an unforgettable experience for all ages! Enter the forest and use your instincts to explore the woodland of the Monte Tramontana in Parcines! The walk is suitable for children and buggies.

This easy family hiking round trip starts at the Riolagundo cableway mountain station, continuing on route no. 27A towards the Eggerhöfe Farms. After walking approx. 5 minutes, take the turn-off to the Riolagundo forest adventure trail. The adventure trail is a scenic route of approx. 3.6 km, with illustrated information panels and interactive stations along the way, showing the great diversity of fauna and fauna in the forest, and with amazing views of Parcines and its surrounding mountains.

Outdoor kids camp Meran2000

At the outdoor kids camp, just behind the mountain station of the Meran2000 cable car, children can let off steam on 10 unique wooden structures. There they can playfully prepare for true mountain adventures and train their strength, dexterity and balance. A true paradise for children! In the meantime, parents can enjoy a refreshing drink or a delicious snack in the Bistro Panorama, from where you can always keep an eye on your children. The camp is open daily from May to October and is free to enter.

> Info


Mini golf is great fun for all the family. Don’t miss the idyllic mini golf course in the centre of Schenna to hole a few balls. Great fun for young and old alike.

Bird care centre Tyrol Castle

In a wonderful landscaped setting and with integrated educational pathroutes, visitors can learn about the fascinating life of birds of prey. The main aim of the centre is to nurse the helpless and injured birds until they are healthy again, and then introduce them back into the wild.

Absolute highlight are, not only for children, the flight shows, for which the hill at Castel Tirolo is a perfect venue. Daily at 11.15 AM and 3.15 PM (in winter only on Sundays and holidays) eagles, falcons, buzzards and colleagues are released into the open sky above Castel Tirolo and in this way you can observe raptorial birds from close quarters, a lasting experience!


> Gufyland

Climbing & hiking

Experience the fascination of climbing and hiking in Schenna and its surrounding area. Are you looking for a sports challenge? Do you want to experience nature or simply try to escape your hectic everyday life? Then climbing and hiking are the right holiday activities for you.

> MeranAlpin

Rafting & kayaking

Pure adventure sports! Rafting on the Passer river is exciting fun on hot summer days. The tours are between 1.5 and 3 hours long, run through half the length of the Passeier Valley, passing the villages of Schenna and stopping at the gates to the town of Meran. It is a very special sight-seeing tour! It is not necessary to have prior experience of these sports, but you should not be afraid of water if you want to participate. In addition: rafting for kids – night rafting – kayaking – hydro-speed – pot holing

> South Tyrol rafting


Experience the age-old dream of mankind, the dream of flying in its simplest ways. Sliding along the blue sky is a marvelous experience. Fly like a bird over South Tyrol’s mountains. With one of the experienced flight instructors as a tandem pilot you will enjoy this indescribable feeling of a tandem flight. With just a few steps you lift off into another world. Relax and enjoy this special outdoor adventure.

> Tandemclub


Experience the fascination of a game of tennis in Schenna and capture the breath-taking views of the surrounding mountain world at the same time! Near the outdoor swimming pool in Schenna, there are two well cared for sand tennis courts. The tennis courts are in a very sunny location and also avail of a flood-light system.


> Tennis in Schenna

High rope garden Kaltern

High poles rising to heaven, beams, ropes, cables creating connections between them – they might seem impossible to cross this high above the ground. Experienced coaches will guide visitors carefully and teach them meaningful ways of dealing with this course. In the context of an intense experience of nature, for example, communication and conflict solving skills are practiced. Prescribed procedures and a redundant safety system make sure that all participants are safe.

> Adventure park

Alpine Bob

The Alpine Bob is a new and exciting attraction for families in the recreation area of Meran 2000. The ride is located close to the summit station of the Meran 2000 Cable Car at Pfiffinger Köpfl. Comprising 1.1 km of downhill track, the Alpine Bob is the longest toboggan ride in Italy.

> Alpine Bob

ArcheoParc in Val Senales

The archeoParc in Val Senales is an interactive museum with adjacent archeological diggings. It is located at an altitude of 1,500 m above sea-level, in the heart of an Alpine landscape in which the Iceman "Ötzi" once lived.

> ArcheoParc

Train world Rabland

With more than 20,000 model railways, this exhibition is one of the largest private collections all over Europe. The landscape has been recreated on a scale of 1:87 and of course it is South Tyrol itself, in small proportions. Day and night effects as well as a 62m long course across our province impress visitors from all over. The exhibitor’s passion for details is made clear at the recreation of a car accident or the Renon cableway. Also the mountains as fantasy world as well as a journey across different historical epoques fascinate!


> Train world

Fish pond at the Sandhof

No state fishing licence is required, and fishing tackle is available to borrow. The fish pond is located next to the Passeier cycle trail and the bus stop.

> Fish pond

Archery at the Castle Hocheppan

Who has never dreamt of hunting in the forest with bow and arrow? Drawing the powerful bow, used already in primeval times by our ancestors for the traditional hunt, visitors of all ages can test their archery skills with complete equipment on 28 stations in the forest.

> Archery at the Castle Hocheppan

Bletterbach gorge

The Bletterbach gorge is the only canyon in South Tyrol and shows geological treasures and a wide variety of landscapes from an unusual perspective. Undertake a journey back in time and learn more about the Ice Age in the Dolomites. The best way to explore the Bletterbach gorge is on the Geo path. 16 notice-boards inform about the main attractions and rock strata through millions of years of geological history. They provide also information about important founds like carbonised plants and trees, fossilised micro-organisms, shellfish and cephalopods and the many traces of very different types of prehistoric reptiles.

> Bletterbach

Indoor climbing in Bozen

A futuristic glass palace, smooth transition between indoor and outdoor, thousands and thousands of colourful holds on countless climbing and bouldering routes… Salewa Cube is definitely a perfect meeting point for climbers from all over the region.

1,850sqm climbing and 200sqm bouldering area indoors, additional routes and boulders outdoors, more than 18m high walls, a 9m long overhang. These are the impressing facts of Salewa Cube that was opened in May 2011 in South Tyrol’s provincial capital, next to the motorway exit Bozen Süd.

The largest indoor climbing area throughout Italy is attached to the new headquarter of the sporting goods producer Salewa and it is dedicated to the alpinist Erich Abram. He was born in Sterzing, is considered as climbing pioneer and in 1974 he built Europe’s first indoor climbing hall in Bozen.

> Salewa Cube

Mountaincarting in the Passaier Valley

Race downhill with the mountain carts in Pfelders - without an engine! Mountain carts are trikes without an engine, with a sturdy steel frame, thick tires and powerful brakes. After a short briefing, you're ready to go - accelerating, braking and drifting! Each brake stops only the respective wheel, so the brave can indulge in adventurous maneuvers, while enthusiasts marvel at the fantastic view.

> Pfelders

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