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Challenge your muscles and your spirit. Take a deep breath in and out; forget about everyday life. Working out is good for you!

Fitness area "Well & Fit" with green view at Hotel Hohenwart
Technogym and LifeFitness strength equipment at Hotel Hohenwart

The fitness room at the Hotel Hohenwart in Schenna

Are you keen on sticking to your daily workout routine during your holiday? Or do you want to use your holiday as an opportunity to make indoor exercise part of your routine? Hotel Hohenwart’s ‘Well & Fit’ fitness room lives up to its name. It measures 260 m² and is equipped with strength and cardio machines from Technogym and LifeFitness, as well as a view of nature. In addition, there’s a callisthenics park, a bocce ball court and 30 hours each week of courses, including aquafit (water aerobics), pilates and spinal gymnastics. We’re always happy to offer personalised recommendations!

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