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Hotel Hohenwart was Awarded the "Belvita Premium Spa" Quality Seal

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Wellness in South Tyrol

Although wellness in South Tyrol is ingrained in the local culture, wellness at the Belvita Leading Hotels is in a league of its own. As the best Wellness Hotels in South Tyrol, the hotels belonging to Belvita share the primary goal of offering their guests the best wellness experience in South Tyrol and beyond. The Belvita philosophy is all about 4 central topics: Wellfeeling, Beauty, Vitale Cuisine, and Fitness. If a hotel bears the Belvita seal, you are guaranteed top quality of service and facilities in all these four areas. In addition, each hotel can specialize in more specific topics. For example, the Hohenwart Hotel is specialized in "Premium Spa" services, meaning that Hohenwart invested considerable resources to provide top-notch spa- and wellness services – with excellent results. The Belvita Hotels featuring the "Spa Premium" seal offer expansive spa centers with a variety of saunas, relaxation areas, pools, as well as top-quality beauty- and spa-treatments administered by specialized staff using best cosmetic products.

Woman in Hotel Hohenwart bathrobe leaning against the wall
Premium Spa

Belvita Premium Full Body Massage

Treatment tailored to your individual needs against the "tensions of everyday life". Choose between:

  • Grapeseed oil:
    Activates the metabolism for purification and nourishes the skin
  • St. John's wort:
    Calming and antibacterial effect
  • Juniper:
    Activates the organism and promotes blood circulation, has a detoxifying effect
  • Hemp oil:
    Has an analgesic effect on muscle pain and an anti-inflammatory effect on skin diseases


50 min. – 89,00 Euros
80 min. – 131,00  Euros

Perfect wellness hotel to let your soul dangle

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