Enjoying gourmet dinner with a view and great wines in South Tyrol

In Vino Veritas

The Hohenwart Wine-World

As Voltaire declared in one of his verses, "Wine is the nightingale among drinks". In effect, it is just that: a glass of wine helps to raise the spirit and helps one forget about the woes of everyday life. What would a gourmet menu be if it wasn't accompanied by the right wines? In fact, the Hohenwart's excellent wine selection serves to best complement the gourmet cuisine with around 400 regional and mostly Italian wines stocked in the cellar. Thanks to the wide variety, they cover a wide spectrum, from the subtle to full-flavored, starting with aperitifs and dry whites, continuing up to full-bodied reds with complex flavors and ending with the sweet dessert wines and finally, a selection of digestive liqueurs.

Hohenwart's wine cellar with 400 different wines in South Tyrol
Sommelier Peter Lechner

The Hohenwart's wine cellar is managed by our capable and experienced sommelier, Peter Lechner. His former hobby was turned into a business and he is always ready to advise you with the best choice of aromatic beverages to accompany your meals. He is always looking for great buys, especially South Tyrolean and Italian wines and vineyards, to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

If you also happen to be a wine connoisseur yourself, you can take part in one of Hohenwart's weekly wine workshops which also include tastings. You'll have the opportunity to learn more about the origin and history of the featured wines, the different aromas contributing to the wine flavors and be able to discuss some of the more technical aspects of winemaking with our sommeliers.

In addition to wines and distillates, the cellar also stocks antique varieties of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. These are also for sale – as a gift or to take home a souvenir of the pleasant holidays spent at the Hohenwart.

Perfect wellness hotel to let your soul dangle

This hotel invites to relax and let your soul dangle. Beautiful rooms, a big pool with whirlpool, outdoor pool and family sauna, fitness room and the fantastic saline-water pool on the roof of the hotel help you relax. Last but not least, the excellent food and friendly staff bring the holiday to perfection.

Barbara (56-60) - Holidaycheck
The perfect combination of hiking and wellness

A fantastic place for hiking and relaxing. The kitchen offers something for every taste and the wine selection speaks for itself.

Sabine (56-60) - Holidaycheck
Dream holidays also for small families

We have stayed at Hohenwart for 3 years in a row and again it was outstanding, also with our 16 month old daughter! The food is really excellent. And the offers for toddlers with playground, playroom and swimming pool are really great.

Thorsten (34-40) - Holidaycheck