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Events in Schenna, South TyrolCulture in Schenna, Hotel Hohenwart, South TyrolCulture in Schenna, Hotel Hohenwart, South TyrolCulture in Schenna, Hotel Hohenwart, South TyrolHotel Hohenwart, Schenna, South Tyrol

Highlights of the year

Events 2018

  • Castle of Trauttmansdorff, holiday at Hohenwart

    Spring 2018

    3/30/2018: Opening of the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
    4/21/2018: Spring festival in Scena
    4/15/2018: Traditional farmers market in Scena
    4/15 - 4/18/2018: Vinitaly
    4/2/2018: Traditional Haflinger Horse Racing
    5/6/2018: "Unkräuter" market in Scena
    5/6 - 9/30/2018: "Tallner Sunntig"
    5/11/2018: Montanara choir in Scena
    May - october: "Berger Pfinstig"
    May - august: Summerevenings in Scena with open air concerts
    June - august: Garden nights in the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle


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  • View of Verona, Hotel Hohenwart, South Tyrol

    Summer 2018

    May - june: Shopping evenings in Scena center
    6/8 - 6/10/2018: Asfaltart Meran
    6/10/2018 Fires in honour of Jesus
    June - september: Oper in Verona
    7/8 - 7/15/2018 Südtirol Classic 2017 in Scena - Oldtimer meeting
    8/20/2018: Scena market
    8/26/2018: Gompm Alm "The Unplugged Taste"
    August - september: Music Weeks in Merano
    9/15 - 9/16/2018: Schenna autumn festival


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  • Autumn in South Tyrol, holiday Hotel Hohenwart

    Autumn/Winter 2018

    10/3 - 10/7/2018: Oldtimer "Golden Edition"
    10/18/2018: Montanara choir in Scena
    10/18/2018: "Schenner Bauernkuchl"
    10/25/2018: Autumn market in Scena
    11/09 - 11/13/2018: Merano WineFestival
    11/29/2018 - 1/6/2019: Christmas market in Merano



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Perfect wellness hotel to let your soul dangle

This hotel invites to relax and let your soul dangle. Beautiful rooms, a big pool with whirlpool, outdoor pool and family sauna, fitness room and the fantastic saline-water pool on the roof of the hotel help you relax. Last but not least, the excellent food and friendly staff bring the holiday to perfection.

Barbara (56-60) - Holidaycheck
The perfect combination of hiking and wellness

A fantastic place for hiking and relaxing. The kitchen offers something for every taste and the wine selection speaks for itself.

Sabine (56-60) - Holidaycheck
Dream holidays also for small families

We have stayed at Hohenwart for 3 years in a row and again it was outstanding, also with our 16 month old daughter! The food is really excellent. And the offers for toddlers with playground, playroom and swimming pool are really great.

Thorsten (34-40) - Holidaycheck
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