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Authenticity, regionality and love of nature characterize South Tyrol and are also very important in the VistaSpa. The nature around us offers many opportunities to give you strength, to provide relaxation and to permanently increase your well-being. Therefore, based on traditional, proven home remedies, we have developed special treatments whose positive effects have been scientifically proven.

  • Sheep - wool wrap from Val D'Ultimo

    Pure wool does not only calm, your body will also be given natural warmth penetrating the deeper dermal layers and softening any tensions sitting there. This ritual is best accompanied by the burning of Alpine herbs, which clarifies the mind and intensifies ralaxation. In addition, alpine herbs sprinkled on the fluffy blanket will further intensify the purifying and relaxing effect of the wool

    Lanolin, the wool wax contained in the wool, is excellently tolerated by all types of skin, especially by sensitive skin.

    50 min. euro 142.00

  • GSUND Belvita Treatment

    Pure South Tyrolean products. Local medicinal herbs and essences, oils and the active agents they contain, are used in connection with clean South Tyrolean alpine source water. Medicinal herbs known from herbology like St. John's Wort, night-candle, alpine rose, arnica and mountain pine, develop their health and beauty stimulating effect during this agreeable treatment.

    The GSUND Belvita Treatment created by Piroche Cosmètiques is made up of various massage and pack techniques, which integrate the whole body and start off with a comfortable and stimulating foot bath.

    Feet and legs are especially spoiled during the GSUND Belvita Treatment. The reason is their importance for the overall health condition and the fact, that guests of the Belvita Leading Wellnesshotels South Tyrol mainly spend their holidays skiing, hiking, climbing, cycling, golfing, and in other active ways.

    All products used for this ritual originate in South Tyrol: pure South Tyrolean alpine source water without further treatment processes is used as a real health elixir – from the alpine source directly to the skin. The medicinal and healthy effect of the GSUND Belvita Treatment combines the power of nature, the natural healing effect of plant extracts, and the comfortable touch of professional hands.

    Summary of the GSUND Belvita Treatment and its products of the Phyto Staminal Rosalpina & alpine herbs series:

    • Agreeable footbath – Aroma bath with Swiss stone pine, mountain pine, sage and thyme
    • Stimulating hand and arm massage - Hand fluid with alpine rose, arnica and night-candle oil
    • Calming foot peeling – Body scrub with ethereal oils of alpine rose, Swiss stone pine, mallow and marigold
    • Revitalising body massage – Massage oil with alpine rose, St. John's Wort oil, night-candle oil and Swiss stone pine
    • Vitalising facial and décolleté massage – Body lotion with alpine rose, St. John's Wort oil and night-candle oil
    • Moisturising body pack – body mask with St. John's Wort oil, night-candle oil and Swiss stone pine

    50 min. euro 85.00
    80 min. euro 124.00

  • Silver Qartzite Stone Massage

    Pure coal incense and primal songs accompany this ritual-orientated, highly effective treatment. The enormous power of silver quartzite works in combination with pleasing herbs and warming tree oils. This full body treatment strengthens the connective tissue, neutralises, releases muscle tensions, improves circulation and digestion as well as provides an overall cleansing effect and prevents infections. Through the senses, the soul experiences a new lightness and the feeling of being grounded.

    80 min. euro 132.00 (1 person)
    80 min. euro 258,00 (2 persons)

  • Beer & Mountain joy

    Hildegard von Bingen was always enthusiastic about this particular skin beauty treatment: beer! Our full body pack offers Alpine extras, as well as beer from our own brewery. Relaxation and beauty while having fun!

    • Herbal foot bath with extracts of Alpine flowers
    • Gentle warm-up in steam sauna
    • Honey – flower – peeling
    • Beer bath in naturally cloudy ‘pepper‘, while enjoying a glass of freshly poured beer
    • strong full body massage

    140 min. euro 288.00 (2 people)

  • Primordial stone cleansing ritual

    A cleansing ritual using silver quartzite, in which the body is deeply cleansed and streamlined, the metabolism activated and subtle energy centers are freed from harmful substances.The scent of larch resins and high Alpine mountain juniper, combined with primordial stone chants, contribute to a feeling of new physical purity and freedom.
    80 min. euro 136.00
  • Silver quartzite head and back massage

    Based on the awareness of the Traditional European Medicine (TEM) do yourself something good for your back. Powerful and slow massage movements which resolve tensions of your back muscles. The used regional products are all pure, grown wild and Demeter tested.

    80 min. 125.00 euro (1 person)

Offers & Packages

Offers & Packages

Golf & wellness package

4 nights Hohenwart from 676.00 euro

3/17 - 6/16/2018 and 10/13 - 11/17/2018

Gold Holiday in South Tyrol, Pachage Hotel Hohenwart

Offers & Packages

Belvita Spa package

4 nights Hohenwart from 676.00 euro

3/17 - 3/25/2018

Offers & Packages

Time for me - time for us

2 nights - 3 days from 462.00 euro

3/18 - 12/6/2018

For friends , Offers, Hotel Hohenwart,

Offers & Packages

Wellness à la Hohenwart

3 or 4 nights including a wellness treatment per day

up to 160.00 euro per person

Wellness à la Hohenwart, Offer Hotel Hohenwart

Offers & Packages

Romantic Hohenwart

2 days Hohenwart from € 439.00

3/18 - 12/6/2018

Package Romantic Hohenwart, Holiday in South Tyrol

Offers & Packages

Easter with the family

7 nights Hohenwart from 1.155,00 euro

3/24 – 4/7/2018

Offers & Packages

Regular guest week

7 nights Hohenwart from 994.00 euro

4/7 - 4/14/2018

Offer regular guests, Hotel Hohenwart

Offers & Packages

Family Advantage Weeks

Family Advantage Weeks - 7 days 

4/14 - 7/14/2018

Offers & Packages

Apple trees blossom

4 nights Hohenwart from 774.00 euro

4/15 – 5/9/2018 and 6/6 – 6/17/2018

Hiking-Weeks, Hotel Hohenwart South Tyrol

Offers & Packages

Hiking weeks & Wellness

7 nights Hohenwart from 1.149.00 euro

6/16 - 9/15/2018

hiking weeks in South Tyrol, offer Hotel Hohenwart

Offers & Packages

Törggele time

7 nights from 1.106,00 euro

10/13 - 10/27/2018

Törggele time at Hohenwart, Offer holiday

Offers & Packages

Wine & Culture

3 nights Hohenwart from 477.00 euro

11/4 - 11/11/2018

Offers & Packages

Hohenwart Culinary

3 nights Hohenwart from 477.00 euro

11/10 - 11/17/2018

Offers & Packages

Regular guest weekend

3 nights from 477.00 euro

11/29 - 12/2/2018

Regular guest offer, Hotel Hohenwart South Tyrol

Offers & Packages

Pre Christmas

Pay 3 nights and stay 4 nights from 435.00 euro

12/2 - 12/9/2018

Offers & Packages

Christmas / New Year’s Eve

7 nights Hohenwart from 1.302.00 euro

12/21/2018 - 01/06/2019

Offers & Packages

Time for dreams

4 nights Hohenwart from 648.00 euro

12/21 - 12/27/2018 & 01/02/ - 01/06/2019

Time for thoughts and dreams, Offer Hotel Hohenwart

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