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The sunny South Tyrolean town of Schenna truly looks like a painting. The old farming settlement is situated in one of the most beautiful South Tyolean localities and lies just above Merano. Three churches and the mausoleum of Archduke John overlook the Schenna Castle, in the town centre. There is also the lush Mediterranean landscape complete with cypresses, palm trees, vineyards and orchards providing a seamless blend of culture and environment. The small mountain villages of Tall, Verdines, St. George and Montescena are variously positioned at altitudes of between 600 - 1500 meters above sea level and fall into the Schenna municipal area. Schenna's hardy Alpine character, blended with a Mediterranean softness, characterises the landscape, the population and local lifestyle.

It doesn't matter if you're alone when you decide to spend your vacation in Schenna, or if you are in company or perhaps with your family. There are plenty of hiking excursions to choose from, such as along the picturesque trails running along the old irrigation canals. There are also scenic cable car rides and even a mountain train to ride on. Refreshment options are aplenty from a number of old mountain guesthouses, lodges and farmsteads. In Schenna, you can take a stroll through the small shopping centre and sample the local produce. 

surrounded by mountains, stunning view, south tyrol, schenna Schenna, Merano and Environs, Hotel Hohenwart
Schenna near Merano, holiday at Hotel Hohenwart

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Offers & Packages

Offers & Packages

Golf & wellness package

4 nights Hohenwart from 676.00 euro

3/17 - 6/16/2018 and 10/13 - 11/17/2018

Gold Holiday in South Tyrol, Pachage Hotel Hohenwart

Offers & Packages

Belvita Spa package

4 nights Hohenwart from 676.00 euro

3/17 - 3/25/2018

Offers & Packages

Time for me - time for us

2 nights - 3 days from 462.00 euro

3/18 - 12/6/2018

For friends , Offers, Hotel Hohenwart,

Offers & Packages

Wellness à la Hohenwart

3 or 4 nights including a wellness treatment per day

up to 160.00 euro per person

Wellness à la Hohenwart, Offer Hotel Hohenwart

Offers & Packages

Romantic Hohenwart

2 days Hohenwart from € 439.00

3/18 - 12/6/2018

Package Romantic Hohenwart, Holiday in South Tyrol

Offers & Packages

Easter with the family

7 nights Hohenwart from 1.155,00 euro

3/24 – 4/7/2018

Offers & Packages

Regular guest week

7 nights Hohenwart from 994.00 euro

4/7 - 4/14/2018

Offer regular guests, Hotel Hohenwart

Offers & Packages

Family Advantage Weeks

Family Advantage Weeks - 7 days 

4/14 - 7/14/2018

Offers & Packages

Apple trees blossom

4 nights Hohenwart from 774.00 euro

4/15 – 5/9/2018 and 6/6 – 6/17/2018

Hiking-Weeks, Hotel Hohenwart South Tyrol

Offers & Packages

Hiking weeks & Wellness

7 nights Hohenwart from 1.149.00 euro

6/16 - 9/15/2018

hiking weeks in South Tyrol, offer Hotel Hohenwart

Offers & Packages

Törggele time

7 nights from 1.106,00 euro

10/13 - 10/27/2018

Törggele time at Hohenwart, Offer holiday

Offers & Packages

Wine & Culture

3 nights Hohenwart from 477.00 euro

11/4 - 11/11/2018

Offers & Packages

Hohenwart Culinary

3 nights Hohenwart from 477.00 euro

11/10 - 11/17/2018

Offers & Packages

Regular guest weekend

3 nights from 477.00 euro

11/29 - 12/2/2018

Regular guest offer, Hotel Hohenwart South Tyrol

Offers & Packages

Pre Christmas

Pay 3 nights and stay 4 nights from 435.00 euro

12/2 - 12/9/2018

Offers & Packages

Christmas / New Year’s Eve

7 nights Hohenwart from 1.302.00 euro

12/21/2018 - 01/06/2019

Offers & Packages

Time for dreams

4 nights Hohenwart from 648.00 euro

12/21 - 12/27/2018 & 01/02/ - 01/06/2019

Time for thoughts and dreams, Offer Hotel Hohenwart

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