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Gastronomy at The Hohenwart

We're quite sure you'll never have enough of our Tyrolean delicacies! From the rich breakfast buffet, to the romantic afternoon tea with coffee and cakes, followed by the evening creations of the Alpine-Mediterranean gourmet cuisine, the Hohenwart kitchen team will constantly surprise and spoil you with fresh products from the region.

Indeed – variety, freshness and creativity are the winning recipe of Chef Markus Marmsoler and his team of twelve when preparing refined dinners, delicious breakfast buffets and afternoon snacks, for the most part using homegrown ingredients. For example, lamb is reared from the own Gsteier mountain inn while beef and veal are also local. Wild herbs are sourced from the Haslerhof pension and various types of cheeses are supplied from local dairies, bread is baked by and supplied from organic bakeries in the South Tyrol; there is local South Tyrolean speck, smoked sausages and local honey while quality jams are made by a local producer, Alpe Pragas. Asparagus, lettuce and cabbages are grown in the Hohenwart's own vegetable garden.

Meat and cuisine at Hotel Hohenwart, Schenna
Cuisine at Hotel Hohenwart, Schenna, South TyrolDesserts and temptations, holiday at Hotel Hohenwart

Chef Markus Marmsoler has been with the Hohenwart for about 30 years and knows well how to surprise guests with his new gourmet creations while simultaneously maintaining a solid connection with traditional recipes. At dinner time, Chef Marmsoler gets to demonstrate his inventive and refined culinary skills, which shine through the spectrum of his creations: each of the five courses is an exquisite combination of different flavours and a testament to his highly considerable capabilities!

The dining experience is further enriched by a wide range of fine wines from the hotel's own wine cellar and contains over 400 wines from all over the South Tyrol and Northern Italy. The Hohenwart's experienced sommeliers will best advise the right wine to best complement your dish of choice.

The evening menu is moreover served in great style, in the congenial atmosphere of the Hohenwart main dining hall or in the Tyrolean lounges. Or, if you prefer, the meal may also be served on the terrace. If you wish to wish to follow a health diet to help you stay in shape, you may choose the no less delicious Vital dinner menu option.

Kitchen team of Hotel Hohenwart, holiday in South Tyrol

Offers & Packages

Offers & Packages

Golf & wellness package

4 nights Hohenwart from 676.00 euro

3/17 - 6/16/2018 and 10/13 - 11/17/2018

Gold Holiday in South Tyrol, Pachage Hotel Hohenwart

Offers & Packages

Belvita Spa package

4 nights Hohenwart from 676.00 euro

3/17 - 3/25/2018

Offers & Packages

Time for me - time for us

2 nights - 3 days from 462.00 euro

3/18 - 12/6/2018

For friends , Offers, Hotel Hohenwart,

Offers & Packages

Wellness à la Hohenwart

3 or 4 nights including a wellness treatment per day

up to 160.00 euro per person

Wellness à la Hohenwart, Offer Hotel Hohenwart

Offers & Packages

Romantic Hohenwart

2 days Hohenwart from € 439.00

3/18 - 12/6/2018

Package Romantic Hohenwart, Holiday in South Tyrol

Offers & Packages

Easter with the family

7 nights Hohenwart from 1.155,00 euro

3/24 – 4/7/2018

Offers & Packages

Regular guest week

7 nights Hohenwart from 994.00 euro

4/7 - 4/14/2018

Offer regular guests, Hotel Hohenwart

Offers & Packages

Family Advantage Weeks

Family Advantage Weeks - 7 days 

4/14 - 7/14/2018

Offers & Packages

Apple trees blossom

4 nights Hohenwart from 774.00 euro

4/15 – 5/9/2018 and 6/6 – 6/17/2018

Hiking-Weeks, Hotel Hohenwart South Tyrol

Offers & Packages

Hiking weeks & Wellness

7 nights Hohenwart from 1.149.00 euro

6/16 - 9/15/2018

hiking weeks in South Tyrol, offer Hotel Hohenwart

Offers & Packages

Törggele time

7 nights from 1.106,00 euro

10/13 - 10/27/2018

Törggele time at Hohenwart, Offer holiday

Offers & Packages

Wine & Culture

3 nights Hohenwart from 477.00 euro

11/4 - 11/11/2018

Offers & Packages

Hohenwart Culinary

3 nights Hohenwart from 477.00 euro

11/10 - 11/17/2018

Offers & Packages

Regular guest weekend

3 nights from 477.00 euro

11/29 - 12/2/2018

Regular guest offer, Hotel Hohenwart South Tyrol

Offers & Packages

Pre Christmas

Pay 3 nights and stay 4 nights from 435.00 euro

12/2 - 12/9/2018

Offers & Packages

Christmas / New Year’s Eve

7 nights Hohenwart from 1.302.00 euro

12/21/2018 - 01/06/2019

Offers & Packages

Time for dreams

4 nights Hohenwart from 648.00 euro

12/21 - 12/27/2018 & 01/02/ - 01/06/2019

Time for thoughts and dreams, Offer Hotel Hohenwart

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